Main customer base
◆ Taiwan Railway Administration
◆ Taiwan Provincial Bus Passenger Corporation
◆ Counties Bus Management Office
◆ China Steel Company
◆ Keelung Port Authority
Private organizations
◆ Automotive industry : Yulon Nissan, Ford Lio Ho, China motor, Nanyang Honda, Prince ... etc
◆ Locomotive factory : Taiwan Yamaha, SYM, KYMCO, Taiwan Suzuki,... etc
◆ Passenger and freight industry : counties cars, passenger and freight company
◆ Electric motor industry : Teco, Tatung ... etc
◆ Elevator manufacturing : YungTay Engineering Co., Ltd.... etc.
◆ Machinery manufacturing industry : Seyi, Chin Fong ... etc
◆ Export :  JTC, JB, Hitachi Chemical, Singapore subway SMRT ... etc.

TC manufacturers and affiliated companies

TC relations firm
◆ Japan Brake Industries, Ltd.
◆ Japan HITACHI Chemical
◆ Japan NABTESCO Corporation